Locations:                         Topics

Fox Hill                                                               Listening to the Elephant

Shulman Rogers                                                 Business Exit Planning

Law Offices


Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union                     Estate Planning and Trust Education Seminars

                                                                                 401(k) Compliance for business owners


Ingleside Retirement Community                      Mythbusters: Are there really any alternative investment options?

Asbury Methodist Village                                   Listening to the Elephant

                                                                         Are you ready for the NEXT CHAPTER in your life?


Hildebrand & Limparis CPA                              The importance of Long Term Care Insurance

First Baptist Church, Wheaton, MD                  Estate Planning and Gifting


Humane Society, Washington, DC                   Retirement Planning


Jewish Community Center                                Wealth Management Strategies


Rockville Senior Center                                     State of the Economy: What is the impact now that the elections are over?


Comstar Federal Credit Union                         Tax Planning and Strategies


Ft. Detrick, Frederick, MD                                 Retirement Planning and Distribution


Rockville City Council Offices                           Tax Planning and Investment Strategies for the Current Economy       

NIST                                                                  Retirement Planning

                                                                        Estate Planning


Hughes                                                             Estate Planning and Trust

                                                                        Retirement Planning


Bethesda Marriott                                             Senior Expo and Workshops

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